Mariel is our second daughter, born at 9:49 pm on Sunday, Nov 26, 1995. At birth she weighed 7 lbs, 3 oz. and was 20 inches long. Her Apgar was 8,9.

We're following the Jewish tradition of naming the child after dead relatives. Debbie got her first name from Blanche's family, so this time we thought it would be nice to put a name from Jeff's family first. We're naming her after her father's paternal grandmother, Muriel, and her mother's paternal grandmother, Raizel. We've chosen a sound-alike name for Muriel, and translated Raizel, so we came up with Mariel Rose.

Mariel was born with sublaxatible hip dysplasia in her left hip, which is a condition where the hip pops out of joint too easily. For three months she had to wear a special harness that kept her from extending her legs, which was frustrating for all concerned (but better than being in a cast, which was the old method). Her last checkup showed that the hip is OK. The cup on the left side is 16mm deep and the right side is 20mm, which is quite acceptable. (She almost certainly got this from her father's side.)